I tried warming up my body and mind with Kansai Oden “Shigeru”

Convenience store Oden is idomoon of Seven Eleven presumption
The autumn leaves also approached the end and it was the season when I missed oden
The convenience store oden’s 70 yen SALE can not be removed, but Odin shop squeezes in and it’s also a pleasure of this season’s fun ♪ (While saying ←, I’m eating but I’m eating a spring, summer, autumn or winter … sweat)

This time, Oden’s only goal “Shigeru”

The place is Northern 21st West 5th Street
It is located in the middle of Northern North Line 18 and Northern 24 Station Subway Line
It will be about 7 or 8 minutes on foot any way you get off.
Just go to the 24th station and subway fee goes up so 18th clause is recommended ← Save Saving LOL

I love oden for 33 years! Mr. Shigeru with an oden hotpot patent

Shopkeeper Shisato. It is said that he used to work in a coal mine
Later, after taking advantage of handy arms, go through the hairdresser and go to the oden road …
Why from a hairdresser to an Oden shop? If you would like to hear more about it, please come and visit the shop and meet Shigesaki who likes talking with you and listen to them variously ← It is not a weak player (Kikari)

Such powerful people such as Shigeru Mr. deftly dexterous idea man
I heard that he made a patent by making oden hot pot …

The oden hot pot you have with this left hand
It is easy to put in and out of ingredients, making it a gentle oden hot pot that reduces damage to ingredients
I have plenty of affection for oden ♪

Although it has a miso taste, it is not bad! Delicious Oden

Such an oden of such love is a soup from the roots of dental honey kelp, cattle streak, bonito
And add a sweetness with white miso mirin and taste the commitment that casually ginger is effective!
Even Seven fans can have delicious refreshing

Egg radish Shirataki Tsubu konnyaku
Shirataki & amp; It is the same raw material but it is my favorite.
I was laughed at a friend I was with the other day, “I’m begging for either one” (grin)

The degree of dyeing of the Fuki Chikuwa taste is unbearable ♪

Taco is also soft and delicious

Of course there are shrimp drawstrings in kelp
Shigeru Musashi’s sticky rice cake is in my drawstring

And the side dish of the dish!
We will put it in a bit
It is delicious again with pungent taste ♪

Well here are those who noticed something here?
You have two eggs of photos
Shigeru’s menu is here

What is ¥ 100 ~ ¥ 600, but egg is ¥ 150
Tamago of the photo I’m out for two in front of the place here …

Look at it! Actually Mr. Shigeru’s commitment has been putting out this twin egg for the moment but we are giving out two in the thought of Mr. Shigeru who can not arrive due to various circumstances. Tender

Although it became a photograph that deviates to my favorite ingredient by all means by all means but there are obviously a classic hamburger and cancer of Oden fans

There are a few other recommended menu

Muscle rice ball
Favorite ♪ filling the stomach wind stomach while saying rice balls

Pork skewers
It is soft and tasty ♪

Volume perfect ♪ to accompany sake ♪

Also, the point I want to tell by all means …

Shigeru’s shop, no matter when you go, the kitchen is beautifully crossed every corner of course!
I always admire it with shininess up to the lid of the Shichigi!
And beer is also cold and tasty! Management is good ♪ ♪

Such a nice Oden shop Kansai Oden “Shigeru”
My heart and my body will warm
Shigeru is apparently a craftsman-style wind
If you speak to me, I will speak frankly ♪

This season and heart tend to get cold this time
Try spreading your legs and slaughtering …

Today also deliciously delicious ♪

Kansai Oden Shigeru
North 21 West 5
Closed Wednesday