“Torihei” Everyone experience Yakitori shop! I tried

Hello, this is kerori.
We will introduce the events received with this kerori antenna.

Everyone at “Satori” in Susukino experience “Yakitori shop”!
Let me use the actual kitchen, flesh judge, skewer and bake!
The yakitori shop owner taught me, it was the contents that we made it together and let’s eat together.

Speaking of yakitori everyone, “chicken meat” is familiar ~ is not it ~.
Muroran Yakitori is baked with pig meat and onion, it is related to sauce, is edible with a mustard.
Pork me LOVE is my favorite Muroran Yakitori!

· First of all, meat disposal
Cut the unpolluted pork into a size to stab the skewer. It is difficult to balance with fat.
Participants were in the shape of each participant lol

· Skewering
Some frozen because the meat was hard as it was frozen.
It is a point to stick a skewer straight at the center.

· And grill
It is a valuable experience that burned me at the grill that actually burns at the shop.
Each skewer in the form of meat is funny and interesting
Who is the best? To be the last one to the first person! One more drink will be added
It was exciting ~
I baked each skewer made by myself and deliciously enjoyed it.

And further half fried fried!
I handled the whole bird of a bird in half and put it into the flyer.
Some of you showed me how to make it, and some people experienced it ~.
It is seasoned with Torihira original spice, outside is calico and soft inside
It was delicious half-fried fried to the highest.

Even though it is cheap to attend this event with 2000 yen with 2 alcoholic drinks
Two homemade yakitori and two yakitori in the shop (choice of favorite skewers) are included.
We also had half-fried fried beans, salads, salads and sweets, so it was a great deal ~.
I think that I was also enjoying very much who participated.

However, professional yakitori is different as expected!
It is said that it is being offered by purchasing daily younger fried chicken and Muroran tea cereal.
Of course there are many birds’ yakitori and other menus too ~.
Mr. Masayoshi Oga who met for the first time at this event is a very friendly person
Because it is a shop with an atmosphere that makes it easy for even one person to enter, it is also recommended for single ladies girls!
Since it is said that the event will be planned again, those who are interested are necessary checks.


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