“I tried various things in Sapporo!” => “Satsutter”

What is Suttutter?

Sattsuta is a web media newly launched by the Sapporo event information magazine “Satsuibe” as a place for distributing local information of Sapporo.
Sapporo’s local writer is a site that delivers real information on Sapporo, experienced in daily living.
Writers living in Sapporo living in Sapporo who gathered with a common feeling “I like Sapporo! I want to boost the local residents!” Will make an article with their own free viewpoint “I tried doing this!”
What Suttutter aims for is not advertisement information adorned with rhetoric but rather a new medium that was unlikely to be sent, which live information felt as it is felt by ordinary citizens.


“Sapporo citizen tried!”


“I tried eating”

It is an information corner on Sapporo’s gourmet · food and drink. Ramen, soup curry, sweets etc. We will introduce the gourmet report “I tried this!”

I tried going.

I will introduce the report that the place of Sapporo actually visited, the event etc. “I went to such a place!”

I tried

It is a challenge report. We introduce activities such as activities, everyday petit challenge, beauty etc, “I tried!”

I saw it

We will introduce a report on movies, theater, exhibitions, dramas, etc. “I looked at you!”

I bought it

Fashion, digital goods, miscellaneous goods, ingredients, daily necessities etc. I will introduce every and all “I bought it!” Report.

Introduction of lighter

Introducing the pseudonym and the profile list of the Sutterter writer.

Operating company

Satsutter is operated by syushu corporation which is also the source of “Sapporo event information magazine Satsuibe”.
Please contact us from here for inquiries / questions about advertisement placement and interview request etc.

Syushu Co., Ltd. (Satsutter editorial department)
TEL: 011-211-0680